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Instructions to find which version of Office or Outlook you are currently using. There are instructions for Windows and Mac computers.
Need to know if you are using a Windows 10, 64-bit? Or Windows 7, 32-bit?
Steps to compress videos for Windows and Macs.
Clearing your browser's cache or saved website data can help trouble-shoot a number of problems.
Step-by-step instructions to map a UDrive, NetStorage, S Drive, department drive, etc. on both Windows and Mac computers.
How to add your department's email to your Windows Outlook.
How to set up your email in Outlook.
You do not need to activate your Microsoft Office. Instead, you need to ensure that you are logged into Microsoft with your email address.
Restore lost or missing OneNote pages to your Notebook in Windows 10.
How to transfer your data to a new or rebuilt UND-owned computer.
Instructions on how to delete an older version of Office and install Office 2016.
Your Office 365 account also lets you install your favorite Office programs onto your desktop.
How to uninstall Office from a Windows computer.
To edit the properties of a distribution group, you must be an owner of the group.
Step-by-step instructions show how to join the UND secure wireless network.