How do I send LiquidFiles Secure File Share in a browser?

Log into LiquidFiles Secure File Share

  1. Navigate to:

  1. Use your NDUS identifier (first.lastname) and password to log in.
  2. Authenticate your account with Duo MFA. Learn about Duo MFA.

Compose Your Secure Message

  1. Select recipients: Type the recipient email addresses.
  • LiquidFiles Secure File Share is not tied to any directory information however your browser may remember previous email addresses. Address fields include: To, Cc, and Bcc
  1. Type the Subject and Message to your recipients.
  2. Add Files: There is a file size limit of 10 GB per message.
  • These file types will be blocked: exe, vbs, pif, scr, cmd, com, cpl.
  1. Message expires after: By default, the maximum number of downloads per recipient is 2. There is no need to indicate a value in this field.
  2. Private Message: Sending a Private Message won't send your message in the email to the recipient, it will only be visible to the recipient when they click on the link in the email authenticate.
  • You can send a Private Message without attachments.
  • You will receive access confirmation when someone has viewed your message.
  • You can't send a private message with the Download Permission that Anyone can download.
  • To send a Private Message, authentication is required
  1. Limitations: Displays the maximum file size allowed in LiquidFiles Secure File Share (10 GB limit per message).
  • Clicking Blocked Extensions produces a list of file extensions that cannot be transmitted through LiquidFiles Secure File Share (exe, vbs, pif, scr, cmd, com, cpl).
  1. When you're ready, click Send. As a sender, you will receive a receipt when your recipients have accessed the secure attachments/private messages.

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