How do I request files through LiquidFiles Secure File Share from a browser?

Log into LiquidFiles Secure File Share

  1. Navigate to:

Login screen for the secure files transfer system

  1. Use your NDUS identifier (first.lastname) and password to log in.
  2. Authenticate your account with Duo MFA. Learn about Duo MFA.


Send a File Request to Anyone

  1. From the Compose Message page, select File Request from the top navigation.

Select File Request

  1. On the File Request page, select New File Request.

File Requests

  1. Compose your message then click Request File.
  • Check Send a Copy to Myself if you wish to receive a copy of the message.

Message composing screen

What does the File Request look like to the recipient?

  1. The recipient will receive the file request in their email. The email will be in your name, but the address will be from

Example of link to file request

Help Your Non-UND Users with LiquidFiles Secure File Share

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