How do I send secure files without an NDUS or UND Account?

Open the LiquidFiles Secure File Share Email

  1. You will need to communicate with the person requesting secure files and have them send you a file request email (as shown in this article).
  2. Click the link available in the email request.

Compose Your File Request Message

  1. The File Request page will open and should auto-fill the From, To, and Subject fields.

  1. Type your message in the Message box.
  2. To add your secure files, either drag the files from your computer into the Drop Files Here box or select the +Add Files button to open your file explorer.
  • You can add multiple files.
  • The maximum file size allowed in LiquidFiles Secure File Share is 10 GB limit per message.
  • Clicking Blocked Extensions produces a list of file extensions that cannot be transmitted through LiquidFiles Secure File Share (exe, vbs, pif, scr, cmd, com, cpl).
  1. When you are done composing and adding files, click the Send button.
  2. You will receive a confirmation that the files have been sent.

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