How do I use LiquidFiles Secure File Share in Outlook?

*This option is for Windows computers only

How do I install the LiquidFiles Secure File Share plugin for Outlook?

Where do I find the LiquidFiles plugin in Outlook?

The LiquidFiles Secure File Share options will appear in the top navigation ribbon when either composing a new email or replying to an email.

Click secure attach

What can I do with the LiquidFiles Outlook plugin?

Outlook's Secure Attach option menu

Secure Attach

Any file you would normally attach using the attach icon on Outlook can be attached using this Secure Attach button instead. This will cause any file attached to the email to be sent using LiquidFiles Secure File Share.

Attach Folder

You can also attach a folder at once and all files in this folder will be attached to this email.

Secure Attach All

This setting can automate that every Outlook attachment be sent through LiquidFiles Secure File Share. This is not recommended. If you have a combination of larger and smaller attachments, that means that some will go through LiquidFiles and some direct. By Selecting Secure Attach All, all files, large and small, will be sent through LiquidFiles.

File Request

Provides an easy way for you to request files from someone. The receipient of the File Request will receive a link they can use and any files attached will be delivered safely back to you.

Private Message

A Private Message is a message where the Message is not included in the email sent to the recipients. You will get confirmation when someone has opened your email as well as downloaded any attachments. 

Select Existing Files

Any file you've already sent that hasn't expired is available to send again without having to upload the file again. 


Settings for the plugin within Outlook. 

Sending a file

  1. Within the email, once you have made your Secure Attach selection by browsing and selecting the file(s) the top of the email editor will display the NDUS File Sharing Transfer Panel.

Example of the NDUS File Sharing Transfer Panel

  1. Compose and send as any other email with an attachment.

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