LiquidFiles Secure File Share

What is LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

LiquidFiles should be used any time you need to transmit university private and restricted data (including personal information).

LiquidFiles Secure File Share is a large and secure file transfer and sharing solution used by UND for sharing files too large to be sent via email directly, or files that contain sensitive data such as credit card and social security numbers. Senders add these files to the secure server to be stored. The recipient would then receive an email from the sender's name with a link to the files for access.

 LiquidFiles can be used:

  • In any browser
  • Through the Outlook plugin on Windows computers
  • Using the LiquidFiles Agent app in your computers applications.

When and why should I use LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

We recommend using LiquidFiles Secure File Share when you want to email or send someone larger files or private information or any information you would not want a hacker to find, such as credit card or social security numbers. 

What are the benefits of using LiquidFiles Secure File Share?

  • All files are encrypted, authenticated, and virus-scanned.
  • Send and receive unlimited sized files to anyone (There is a 10 GB limit per message).
  • Share files and folders internally or externally.
  • Can be used within Outlook (with plug-in).
  • Be notified when the receiver opens the files you’ve sent.

Can I use LiquidFiles Secure File Share to send files off campus?

Yes. You can use LiquidFiles Secure File Share to send files to virtually any email address. The recipient will receive a link to the file where they will need to verify their email address.

Where are the secure, encrypted files temporarily stored?

All files that are transported using LiquidFiles Secure File Share are encrypted and temporarily stored in the NDUS data center

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