Editing YuJa Recordings

Editing Existing Content
YuJa's Video Editing Overview

Using Trim start and Trim end in YuJa
Trim Start and Trim End allow Content Owners to easily remove the start and end portion of uploaded or captured media content.

Trimming the middle of your video
Trimming the middle of your video in the Video Editor allows you to remove unwanted content from any point in the media.

Using Undo and Save in the video editor
Finalize your video edits with the Undo and Save features in the Video Editor. YuJa’s Video Editor is non-destructive. Your original file remains intact, and your changes are saved in a new file.

Insert a video in the video editor
Use the Insert Video option to insert a video clip into a recorded or uploaded video using the Video Editor.

Inserting a slide in the video editor
The HTML5 Video Editor enables users to insert a single PowerPoint slide to provide new or additional information over a portion of recorded video.

Inserting a Text Overlay in the Video Editor
The Video Editor supports the addition of Text Overlays within the video content. This is an ideal way to add supplemental information to uploaded or captured media.

Using Image Tools in the video editor
The Platform’s Video Editor offers two different image-specific editing options. Using these tools, you can insert a watermark into your media content or can blur portions of an image on your screen.

Editing Video Chapters
The Video Editor supports editing Video Chapters or the Index associated with a video. This is especially useful for longer video recordings.



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