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Link to the NDUS System Status page and how to subscribe for email and text notifications.
A new process for entering text grades such as S or I will save steps and also make subsequent student attempts (the green exclamation mark) visible in the Grade Center if the instructor allows the setting of multiple attempts.
The content editor is a platform-independent WYSIWYG editor based on TinyMCE and licensed as Open Source under LGPL from Moxiecode Systems AB. The content editor has a large number of new and enhanced features and serves as a replacement for the old text editor.
Assistance with captioning, textbook conversion, and class notes.
YuJa provides automatic voice-to-text captioning with an approximately 80-90% accuracy rate. The automated voice-to-text captioning process also creates transcripts that can be downloaded by the viewer, as well as edited by the Content Owner.
Inserting a Text Overlay in the Video Editor.