Preparing to work remotely as a faculty/staff

As Soon As Possible after finding out you will be working remotely

  1. Arrange to check out any equipment you may need while you are out of office. This may include checkout laptops, webcams, and headphones. Check with your department first. Checkout equipment availability is limited. Learn what equipment is available for checkout and how to request it.
  2. Arrange access for any software programs and apps you may need that are not currently available on your remote computer. Sometimes this can take some time to set up. Submit a software installation request.

Before you leave your office (on campus)

  1. Gather the needed equipment, such as a laptop, headphones, webcam, etc. and test that they all work properly.
  2. Be sure the files you will need to work are moved to either OneDrive. TEAMS, or a shared drive that you have access to. Want to make department collaboration easier--Learn about Microsoft TEAMS. 
  1. Ensure that Duo MFA allows access from your mobile device or home phone. Add a new device to Duo MFA.
  2. On the remote computer, get the Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up. UND uses Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. VPN is only needed if you work with Perceptive Content or shared drives. If you do not use either, do not install Cisco AnyConnect VPN.
  1. On the remote computer, map any shared drives you may need (Must be connected to VPN to access).

At your remote location (home, hotel, etc)

  1. You will need a fast and reliable Internet connection. 
  2. Connect the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the UND network (if needed).
  3. You will need a way to authenticate with Duo MFA, such as a mobile device or home phone.


The Teaching Transformation and Development Academy's goal is to make sure instructors have access to all the tools and strategies needed to ensure continuity of academic operations when emergency conditions occur. Visit the Academic Continuity Planning page.

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