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Do you need to work from home? Headed to a conference and need access to your work files? Self-quarantined for illness?
Classroom Services is able to support the following video and audio conference solutions in UND’s hybrid classrooms for UND faculty and staff:

IVN Pexip video conferencing
Pexip video conferences are pre-arranged video conferences with specific start and end times, that make use of NDUS IVN rooms and allow individuals to join the meetings via a web browser or telephone. To schedule a Pexip video conference, please contact us at 701.777.6325.
IVN Pexip audio conferencing
Pexip audio-only
A list of conference rooms standards developed for the different needs of University of North Dakota. Conference rooms standards were developed in order to provide robust support and equipment spares for all available conference rooms.
You will now be able to set up a video conference or telephone conference using the bridging resources directly in your Outlook Calendar. This new MeetMe Rooms format allows you to schedule them the same way you schedule physical meeting rooms.