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How to transfer your data to a new or rebuilt UND-owned computer.
Whether you are syncing Teams, SharePoint, or OneDrive folders, you might want to stop the sync at some point. The process is the same for all.
Add a folder shared to you by someone else to your computer OneDrive
Steps to share folders and files using OneDrive for Business.
OneDrive Restrictions, Limitations, and Troubleshooting Tips.
Step-by-step instructions to move your files and folders from Dropbox to your computer and then to OneDrive.
How to save files to OneDrive online.
UND faculty and staff receive 10 GB of storage (private drive and departmental shares), an additional 1 TB of storage with OneDrive for Business, and 1 GB of storage with Netstorage.
This is a step-by-step guide to change the permissions of folders and files that you have previously shared but found that other users cannot edit because they were shared as read only.
Your Office 365 account also lets you install your favorite Office programs onto your desktop.
Do you need to work from home? Headed to a conference and need access to your work files? Self-quarantined for illness?
Reset OneDrive to resolve some file sync errors.
Learn to use Software Center to install commonly used applications provided by UND IT on a university owned computer.
Record management considerations for remote work.
The storage limit for OneDrive for Business is 1 TB.