Get started with OneDrive

Using OneDrive online (through your email)

  1. Log into your Office 365 online at
    • Your username to log in will always have
  2. Select OneDrive from the apps list.

Select onedrive

  1. Now just drag the files and folders from your computer into the browser window. You will see them added to the list of files and folders.
    • Do not shut down your computer or you risk larger files not completely uploading to OneDrive, uploading can take some time.

Using the OneDrive computer app

This is a convenient option that allows your files to stay up-to-date automatically and show up in your computer file manager/explorer. However if you have sync issues, it is recommended to use OneDrive online.


  1. Follow the directions to access OneDrive online, found above.
  2. On the bottom left, select Get the OneDrive apps.

Click get the one drive apps

  1. This will open a new browser window. Follow the prompts to install.

Using the OneDrive app

Usage will be slightly different depending on version and device and is available for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices including tablets.

  1. Open your file manager/explorer and look for OneDrive - North Dakota University System.
  2. Some files may be automatically created, such as Notebooks and Microsoft Teams Chat Files.
  3. You can create and manage folders and files the exact same way you would in your computer file system.
  4. To move folders and files, select, drag and drop into the OneDrive - North Dakota University System.
  5. The folder/file status will show the most recent status in OneDrive. What do the OneDrive icons mean?

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