Change permissions so people I have shared files with in OneDrive can edit

This option works both in the browser version and in Windows File Explorer.

This will change the folder/file permissions from read only, to full control.

  1. Navigate to the folder/file you have shared within OneDrive.
  2. Right-click and select Manage access.

Right-click on the file and select Manage Access

  1. In the new window on the right, click Advanced.

Manage access menu

  1. On the new page, inside of the yellow box click Show users.

Show users

  1. A list of all the shared files will be presented. The names for these files will begin with SharingLinks. Select the shared files that you would like to change the permissions for.

Selected shared files

  1. In the top navigation, click Edit User Permissions.

Edit User Permissions button

  1. Under the Permissions heading, make your selection [usually Full Control] and click the OK button when done.

Edit Permissions screen

  1. You will be returned to the Permissions main page where you can view everyone you have shared with and their permissions. Your changes should take effect immediately. It is safe to close this page now.

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