Install apps from the Software Center

University IT makes it easy for faculty and staff to install many commonly used applications on devices through Software Center, which is automatically loaded onto all UIT-Issued computers.
Warning! Software Center will only work while the computer is connected to the campus wired or WiFi networks, or through the UND GlobalProtect VPN.
Windows PCs Mac Computers

Windows PCs

  1. Select the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your desktop.
  2. Type software center to search, then select and open the Software Center application.

Screenshot of windows search bar highlighted with a search written for "Software Center."

  1. Select the software you need in the list of available software under the Applications tab.

Screenshot of the homepage of software center. Applications button is highlighted. An example program is also highlighted.

  1. Select Install. The program will begin the installation.

Screenshot of the App's page. The "Install" button is highlighted.

  1. The status will change to Installed when the installation is complete. You can check this by clicking on the Installation Status tab.
  2. To see which software applications are installed on your machine, select on the Installation status tab.
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Mac Computers

  1. Find the Software Center app in your app launcher, or by going into the Applications folder and double-clicking the icon.Screenshot of Applications Folder in Mac. Software Center application is highlighted.
  2. Under the All tab, select the app you want to install. Select Install. The program will begin the installation.
    Example Apps shown with one highlighted.
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