Zoom Breakout Room Overview

Zoom breakout rooms function as compartmentalized meeting spaces inside of a larger session.  The physical classroom analogue would be small group work done by pushing desks together.  Zoom breakout rooms allow for small group work without the inherent distractions that come from multiple conversations happening in the same physical space.  Below are links to Zoom support information on creating and utilizing break out rooms.  Please see the notes below before utilizing breakout rooms for coursework.

Links to Zoom Support Information on Creating and Utilizing Breakout Rooms

Enabling Breakout Rooms - Turn breakout rooms on in your meeting.

Managing Breakout Rooms (Overview) - Edit breakout room settings, use the host tools to manage rooms.

Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms - Sort users into breakout rooms before the meeting begins.

Self-selection for Breakout Rooms - Allow users to choose which room to join, enable them to join/leave rooms at will (optional).

Notes Regarding Breakout Room Usage:
  1. If a meeting is being recorded to the Zoom cloud, only the main room will be included in the recording regardless of which room the meeting host is in. If recording is being created locally, the video will include whichever room (main or breakout) the recording participant is in. Multiple participants can record locally if the host grants them permission to do so.
  2. Only hosts can manage breakout rooms.  Co-hosts do not have ability to start or assign breakout rooms.  If a course's teaching assistant is expected to manage breakout rooms, as is often seen in lab sections of a course, the teaching assistant will need to create the Zoom session for any meetings where they are expected to manage breakout rooms.  Creating the session should ensure that the teaching assistant/meeting creator is the host of that session.
  3. Users joining with Chromebooks/Chrome OS or Zoom Rooms are unable to join breakout rooms; the main room can be used as an alternative breakout room for these users.
  4. There are some issues/limitations with utilizing breakout room pre-assignment and the requirements of users to sign into Zoom through SSO.  It is HIGHLY recommended to visit with TTaDA (701.777.2129) before attempting to use pre-assignment of breakout rooms.