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In Blackboard, every gradable item has a corresponding column in the Grade Center. To delete columns, the matching items must also be deleted. Alternatively, instructors can temporarily hide columns from themselves (in the Full Grade Center) and/or from students (in My Grades). Please follow these steps to change column visibility.
A guide to content management for YuJa users: upload content, edit existing content, manage available storage space (downloading & deleting content), and view storage quotas.
The Zoom-Outlook Integration allows users to add meetings and manage their calendar, all without leaving Outlook. There are two types of integration: the Zoom 'Plugin' and the Zoom 'Add-In'. Both types function similarly, but Zoom recommends the 'Add-In' version for better security and more robust deployment/management.
You can manage a variety of media content in the YuJa Platform. Management tools within Manage Media allow you to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including editing, sharing, deleting and publishing video content.
Instructions for students and instructors: How to access the Course page and navigate to your courses in Blackboard, view information about your courses, search and filter courses by term and course role, and customize your view of the Course page using the settings.
This article provides links to resources on creating and managing breakout rooms in Zoom. It also provides a brief list of topics to keep in mind when users are looking to implement breakout rooms into their course structure.
YuJa is a great tool for students and instructors to upload video lectures/assignments to share with the rest of the class.
To edit the properties of a distribution group, you must be an owner of the group.
You can access tasks from the Tools link on the course menu or in the tasks module on the course Home Page. Your instructor can also add a customized link to tasks on the course menu.
In Microsoft Teams, you have the control to decide what notifications you receive, where you receive them, and how often you get them.