Use the Hue Document Camera with Zoom

The Hue Document Camera allows you to share physical media (like books and printed documents), perform lab demonstrations, or show three-dimensional examples during your presentations. It's compatible with Zoom, so you can include physical media and examples in your online meetings and lectures. Please see the following instructions to set up the Hue doc cam as a video input in Zoom, then switch video inputs to share from the Hue camera feed during your Zoom meeting.

Setting Up the Hue Doc Cam as a Video Input in Zoom

Click on the gear/Settings icon (in the top right-hand corner of the Zoom home screen).
Step 1) With your HUE camera connected to your computer, please launch the Zoom conferencing software and sign in to your account. Click on the Settings icon located near the top right-hand corner of the Zoom software home screen (see above image).

Click the Video button (in the menu on the left) to access the camera input settings, then select 'Hue' from the drop-down 'Camera' menu.
Step 2) On the Settings page (see image above), there is a menu on the panel to the left. Click the Video button (in the top-left) to access the camera input settings.

Step 3) On the Video Settings page (see image above), locate the drop-down menu below the preview window. Click this menu to reveal a list of available cameras. Select HUE HD Camera (or HUE HD Pro Camera) to use your HUE. You should now see a video preview of what your HUE camera is viewing. If your preview image appears upside-down, click the Rotate 90 mark* to set it to your desired orientation.
* Please note that this feature is currently only be available on the Windows version of Zoom.

Once you are in your Zoom session/Breakout room, see the instructions below to present your Hue Doc Camera as a 2nd, shared camera.

Switching to Hue's Video Input During a Zoom Meeting

Click the 'Share Screen' button (in your meeting controls at bottom of the window) to switch to the Hue doc cam input.Step 1) Once you are in a Zoom meeting and ready to begin sharing from the Hue doc cam, click the Share Screen button (located in your meeting controls at bottom of the window). This will open a pop-up window where you may select an alternative video input.

In the pop-up window, click the 'Advanced' tab (at the top of the page), then select 'Content from a 2nd Camera' to share video from the Hue doc cam.
Step 2) In the pop-up window (see image above), click the Advanced tab at the top of the page then select Content from a 2nd Camera to share video from the HUE document camera.

To swap the active camera input, click Switch Camera (at the top-left of the window) or click Stop Share to quit sharing from the document camera.

Detailed instructions for the entire Zoom meeting process can be found in this Knowledge Base article. A download-able, printer-friendly version of this document is available in this article's 'Attachments', which can be found on the upper-right side of this page.


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