Use the Hue Document Camera with YuJa

The Hue Document Camera allows you to share physical media (like books and printed documents), perform lab demonstrations, or show three-dimensional examples during your presentation. The Hue doc cam is compatible with YuJa Software Capture, so you can include physical media and examples in your recorded lectures. Please see the following instructions to set up the Hue doc cam as a video input in YuJa.

Note: The Hue camera feed will replace your webcam feed as the primary video source, but it can be used simultaneously with microphone audio and computer screen capture video feeds.

Setting Up the Hue Doc Cam as a Video Input in YuJa

In YuJa Software Capture, select 'Hue HD Pro Camera' (or similar title) from the 'Video Source' drop-down.

  • After opening YuJa Software Capture, click on the drop-down arrow in the VIDEO section and select “Hue HD Pro Camera” from the list of available cameras active on the machine.
    *Please note that only one camera feed can be selected in YuJa at this time.
  • A relevant audio device should be selected under the AUDIO section prior to starting the recording.

You may turn the screen capture feed off using the advanced settings in YuJa's 'SCREEN' menu.

  • If the computer screen capture is not required (e.g. only audio and camera feed are needed), the Screen Source option can be located and turned off by clicking the drop-down arrow in the SCREEN section. The screen capture can also be modified to only capture a pre-designated area or multiple monitors by utilizing the Advanced Settings menu under SCREEN.
Detailed instructions for the entire YuJa recording process can be found in this Knowledge Base article. A download-able, printer-friendly version of this document is available in this article's 'Attachments', which can be found on the upper-right side of this page.


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