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Online Collaboration/Meetings

UND offers multiple online collaboration and meetings tools that allow users to see, hear, and interact with one another in real-time. Some of these solutions, such as Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, may be leveraged into offering an online course environment that matches many of the learning objectives of traditional face-to-face classroom settings.


Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing and collaboration platform. With Zoom you have the flexibility to create virtual classrooms and invite students to join from their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Students can also share content from their devices such as PowerPoint presentations, and YouTube videos. Zoom is available to all faculty, staff, and students for academic purposes.

All UND accounts are now automatically created with pro license.

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Classroom Specifications

A list of classroom standards developed for University of North Dakota. Classroom standards were developed in order to provide robust support and equipment spares for all available classrooms.

Conference Room Standards

A list of conference rooms standards developed for the different needs of University of North Dakota. Conference rooms standards were developed in order to provide robust support and equipment spares for all available conference rooms.

Image from Mac laptop connected to a projector does not fill the screen

This works to reveal additional screen resolution choices for any display connected to a modern Mac, it also applies to all modern versions of OS X.

Laptop Not Showing on TV

For HFAC Room 152: PC needs to be selected on the AV receiver inside of the wall mounted equipment rack in order for you to be able to display your computer to the TV. The TV's input should be set to HDMI 2.

List of Active and Hybrid Classrooms

List of Active and Hybrid Classrooms

Lower the Projector Screens in the Education Building's Classrooms

Instructions to lower and raise projector screens in the Education Building's classrooms.

My classroom has no chalk / dry erase markers

Chalk and dry erase markers used in classrooms are replenished by the Building Services Technicians.  Please call the Operations Center at 701.777.2591 to have chalk or markers delivered to your classroom.

My Classroom is Too Hot / Warm / Cold

What to do if your classroom temperature is too hot, warm, or cold

Need batteries for classroom's microphone / wireless presenter / remote controls

UIT supplies batteries for classroom equipment in most buildings.  Please contact Classroom Support at 701.777.6325 or submit a support ticket, providing building and room number information, as well as the type of equipment requiring batteries.

Projector Will Not Turn On

Lights flashing on the button presser indicate that the SurgeX (a.k.a the "Main Power") is turned off.  Look inside the teaching station for the SurgeX power conditioning unit and press down on the upper half of its rocker switch.  If the system is on, you will see a red, an amber, and a green light illuminated on the SurgeX.

Unable to play Netflix / iTunes / High Definition videos from the classroom computer

High definition videos, such as the ones played using Netflix or iTunes require an HDCP compliant display system. Unfortunately, many of our classrooms still use analog video systems that are not HDCP compliant. Please contact Classroom Support at 701.777.6325 or submit a support ticket, a for a list a rooms that will support high definition video content.

Unable to Play Short Audio Clips Using Praat Software

There is a split second delay between when a computer begins to play an audio file and when the computer's audio is active.  Many of the Praat audio clips are shorter than the time required by the computer to activate its audio output.

Use the Hue Document Camera with YuJa

Steps for setting up the Hue Document Camera as a video input in YuJa Software Station: this allows instructors to share physical media and examples (like books) in their recorded presentations.

Use the Hue Document Camera with Zoom

Steps for setting up the Hue Document Camera as a video input in Zoom and sharing from the doc cam during a meeting: this allows instructors to share physical media and examples (like books) in their presentations and meetings.

Video and Audio Conferencing Solutions

Classroom Services is able to support the following video and audio conference solutions in UND’s hybrid classrooms for UND faculty and staff:

IVN Pexip video conferencing
Pexip video conferences are pre-arranged video conferences with specific start and end times, that make use of NDUS IVN rooms and allow individuals to join the meetings via a web browser or telephone. To schedule a Pexip video conference, please contact us at 701.777.6325.
IVN Pexip audio conferencing
Pexip audio-only

VLC doesn't display all subtitles

If VLC has auto detected your subtitles file, or if you opened it manually, but VLC only displays some subtitles from time to time, you will need to change the subtitles file encoding.