Copy or export a test from one course to another

Import a test, survey, or pool

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. On the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page, select the item you want to import, such as Pools.
  3. Select Import.
  4. On the Import page, browse for the file from your computer or your course's file repository: Course Files or the Content Collection.
  5. Select Submit.

Export a test, survey, or pool

  1. Access the menu for a test, survey, or pool and select Export.
  2. Select OK in the pop-up window to save the file.

If your institution has access to the content management features, two export options appear in the menu. To save the file to your computer, select Export to Local Computer. To save the file in the Content Collection, select Export to Content Collection.

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