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Courses are automatically created using the information in Campus Connection. If your department has changed instructors for a course and not changed the information in Campus Connection, the Blackboard course will reflect this.  Instructor changes need to be made in Campus Connection before they will be reflected in Blackboard.

If you are having problems finding a course, you can use the Browse by Term option to find all the courses for a particular semester.  The Blackboard default is Current Courses, but you can change this to view specific semesters.

Instructors have the option to hide courses from their course list.  If you are not able to find a course, use the Filter dropdown and select the Hidden from me option.  If you see a course that has been hidden that you need to unhide, click on the three dots to the right of the course name and choose the Show Course option.

Instructors, if your students are stating they are not able to see or access a course, please check the following settings:

  • Is the course set to Private?  Instructors can make courses private while they add or experiment with content, and then open them to students when they're ready. Private courses appear with a gray instructor image and a diagonal line. Students see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them. See instructions to Make a Course Available.
  • Is the Course Duration set to Continuous? Course duration defines the time in which students may interact with a course:
    • Continuous (Recommended): The course is always available.  All courses are made available one week prior to the start of the semester for preview week and made unavailable one week after grades are due to give students time to check their grades in Blackboard.
    • Select Dates: The course is available according to specific dates. Courses may have a start date, but no end date. The start and end times are set automatically in the local time of the course creator. If the course creator's local time is Eastern, the time is set by Eastern time. The course will start immediately and the end at 11:59:59.  After the end date, courses are not available to students, but are otherwise unchanged.
    • Days from the Date of Enrollment: Place a time limit on courses calculated from the date a student enrolls. Use this option for self-paced courses.
    • Use Term Duration: UND associates all courses with the term that it is taught.  When a term is available for a course, additional options appear with Set Availability and Set Course Duration:
      • Use Term Availability: The course is available during the term dates, but unavailable before and after. The name of the term is listed.
      • Use Term Duration: The course runs for the entire duration of the term, beginning on the first date of the term and ending on the last. The actual dates are listed for the associated term.

To add a user to a course, click here. If you have requested your site have changes made to it (such as a course merge or course copy), it may not be available until those changes have been completed. Please check Blackboard again later or contact UND Tech Support for assistance.

By default, courses are automatically made available to students 1 week before the start of term.

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