Format a Word exam for the Respondus Exam Authoring Tool

The Respondus Exam Authoring Tool is used for creating and publishing exams directly to Blackboard. Exams are created offline in Microsoft Word or a rich text format.  The software provides many time-saving tools such as equation editors, web links, and multimedia functions.  Compatible with Windows only.
If you are are looking for information on the Respondus LockDown Browser, visit the Respondus LockDown Browser article.

Instead of creating a quiz question by question within the Respondus Exan Authoring Tool, you may prefer to create the quiz using  Microsoft Word or format an existing test in a Microsoft Word document.

Create Word Document

This formatting guide will help you prepare your document for use with Respondus.

This sample Word document is formatted for Respondus. It contains multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer (Type: MA), fill-in-the-blank (Type: F), matching (Type: MT) and essay (Type: E) questions. Respondus can interpret these question types if you use proper formatting before you input the file.

Turn off Word Auto-format Feature

If you use Word’s auto-format feature to number your questions or answers, you will not be able to use the asterisk to mark the correct answer. This page explains how to turn off the auto-format feature in Word.

Strip Formatting from an Existing Word Document

Follow these steps to strip the formatting from an existing Word document.

Creating & Editing in Respondus

This process allows you to use Respondus' features to create questions in a manner similar to creating them inside Blackboard.

All of the video tutorials below are within Hoonuit and will require you to login with your NDUS.Identifier and password.

Exporting back to Word

To pull an exam out of Blackboard into Word for editing, follow these instructions.

User Guides & Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Visit the Respondus 4.0 page for the following demonstrations:

  • Creating and Formatting Questions with Respondus
  • Using Publisher Test Banks with Respondus
  • Importing Questions with Respondus
  • Publishing to Blackboard

The video tutorials below are within Hoonuit by Atomic Learning and will require you to login with your NDUS.Identifier and password.

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