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ResNet is an organization run by student staff under the supervision of  UND Housing.

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ResNet FAQs

How much does ResNet services cost?

There is no additional cost for ResNet. You can pick up an ethernet cable from ResNet to use for the year. There is no per-minute fee, and you will have an Internet connection 24 hours a day.

What software do I need to connect to the residential network?

The SecureW2 client is provided to assist with connecting to the secure wireless.

How can I connect to the residence halls wireless network?

Please see our page on wireless Internet access.

How can I connect my gaming console to the ResHalls network? 

Please also see our page on setting up gaming consoles.

How can I connect my media device (smart TV, DVD / Blu-ray player, streaming device, etc) to the ResHall network?

Please fill out a Device Registration form. Once the registration process is complete, the device should be able to connect. Please note that using a wired connection for these devices is required unless the device does not support such a connection. Cables are provided free to all students and can be picked up at the ResNet office.




Contact ResNet

Chat with ResNet Submit a Ticket Call 701-777-3424

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ResNet is an organization run by student staff under the supervision of UND Housing. Students can get assistance connecting to the campus network and general computer and software help.