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Steps for iOS devices to set up UND email using the Outlook app.
How to retrieve quarantined emails.
Instructions on how to delete an older version of Office and install Office 2016.
How to add your department's email to your Windows Outlook.
Steps to forward all UND emails to a different email address.
This article shows how to download and install the Outlook plugin for LiquidFiles Secure File Share and where the plugin is found in Outlook.
Steps to add your UND email account to Outlook for Mac.
How to fix the autofill for addresses in Outlook.
To edit the properties of a distribution group, you must be an owner of the group.
Steps to backup your email in Outlook.
How to use LiquidFiles Secure File Share within Outlook using the plugin.
*This option is for Windows computers only.
The first time you use the LiquidFiles plugin for Outlook, you must enter server and user credentials to enable usage.
Secure file share is a secure way to send files that requires the sender to login with their NDUS.identifier credentials and also complete DUO authentication.
Learn to use Software Center to install commonly used applications provided by UND IT on a university owned computer.
Instructions to find which version of Office or Outlook you are currently using. There are instructions for Windows and Mac computers.