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Students, faculty, and staff at UND use the Microsoft Office 365 email system, which is provided by the North Dakota University System (NDUS). This article shows how to log into your UND email.
Your Office 365 account is loaded with features and programs, including email, Skype for Business, Office online, Calendar, and OneDrive.
Steps to forward all UND emails to a different email address.
Your access to Microsoft 365 Apps will continue for a short period of time after you graduate.  When you are no longer eligible, you will still be able to access and print your files. 

You will not be able to install new instances of Microsoft 365 Apps nd you will not be able to create new files
Options for those that do not have access to Microsoft Office.
Your Office 365 account also lets you install your favorite Office programs onto your desktop.
Office 365 login credentials have been synchronized with NDUS credentials. Your email password is now the same as for Campus Connection, HRMS, and Blackboard accounts. In alignment with the Safeguarding UND initiative, the synchronization will allow implementation of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in the near future further enhancing cybersecurity protections.
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How to access, delete and send emails in Office 365 online.
Steps to create an Office 365 email signature.