Protecting Your Zoom Presentation from Disruptions

When Scheduling Your Meeting

Use only an automatically generated Meeting ID.  Never use your Personal Meeting ID, it would be like handing out your personal cell phone number.

zoom meeting id option screen shot

Add a passcode to your meeting.  This will prevent bots and unwanted attendees from stumbling into your meeting.  Using the Zoom generated passcode is fine in most cases, but feel free to use a more complex one if you like.

zoom meeting password setting snap shot

  • Do not enable Enable join before host, this allows people to start your meeting and run amok until you join.
  • Do enable Mute participants upon entry.  This will make participants silent initially, but you will still need to take away their option to unmute after the meeting begins.
  • Do enable Enable waiting room.  This option allows you to decide who and when you will allow entry into your meeting.  Attendees will join the meeting’s waiting room initially and will not be able to interact with other attendees until you choose to admit them.

zoom meeting options settings snap shot

Assign alternative hosts (co-hosts).  Add the email addresses of anyone that will be speaking or sharing their screen during your presentation.  Please note that only people with accounts activated at can be listed as alternative hosts.  Also, all hosts must join the meeting using the Zoom app, having logged in using the Sign In with SSO option in order to be recognized as hosts.

zoom alternative host option screen shot

zoom app sso sign in option screen shot

After Starting Your Meeting

Before you admit any attendees into your meeting, make sure you limit the Share Screen options in the Advanced Sharing Options… control panel.  

zoom in meeting screen share option screen shot

  • For the option of How many participants can share at the same time?, select One Participant can share at a time.
  • For the option of Who can share?, select Only Host.

Selecting these options will prevent attendees from taking over the screen share video and sending unwanted images to other attendees.

zoom in meeting advanced sharing options screen shot

From within the Zoom Participants window, click on the More button and check/uncheck the following options:

  • Check - Mute Participants on Entry
  • Uncheck – Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves; Prevents attendees from unmuting their microphones after being admitted into the meeting.
  • Uncheck – Allow Participants to Rename Themselves; Prevents attendees from changing their names to inappropriate phrases after joining a meeting.
  • Uncheck – Play Enter/Exit Chime; Prevents attendees from using the chime sound to annoy others by entering and exiting the meeting.
  • Check – Put Participants in Waiting Room on Entry; Gives you control over who will be admitted into your meeting.
  • Uncheck – Lock Meeting; When checked, this option prevents people from joining your meeting.  You may choose to lock your meeting after your attendees have been admitted, but anyone who gets dropped from your meeting will not be able to re-join until you uncheck this option.

zoom in meeting participant panel options screen shot

From within the Zoom Group Chat window, click on the button with the three dots and check one of the following options:

  • No One – Disables the chat function for everyone.
  • Host Only – Allows participants to send chat messages only to you.

*Note: The options of Everyone Publicly and Everyone Publicly and Privately should not be used during a presentation, since it will allow inconsiderate attendees to annoy other attendees.

zoom in meeting chat panel settings screen shot


If you are going to use the Share Screen option, whether it be for a PowerPoint presentation or to use the Zoom whiteboard function, please to remember to Disable participants annotation which is available as option under the More button after you start to share your screen.

Click disable partipants annotation

After setting these options, you can admit attendees from the waiting room by selecting the Admit button that shows up when you hover your mouse pointer over their name.

zoom in meeting add participants window


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