Download & Install the YuJa Software Station


How to download and install the YuJa app for Mac, PC, and mobile devices.



First Time Set-Up

No download is required to simply view video content on YuJa, but before recording a video with YuJa for the first time, you must download and install the YuJa Software Capture application for Mac/PC. Many features, including recording, are also available on the mobile app for phone/tablet. Using screen capture and/or your webcam and microphone, this application creates a recording which may be shared/viewed via emailed link, on Blackboard, or directly on the UND YuJa site.

To create a recording with YuJa, you must use the Software Capture application. It's a one-time download, so you won’t need to repeat the installation process for your next recording. Please see this page for more information about the system requirements. Note regarding YuJa Proctoring: Please see this article for information on installing and utilizing YuJa proctoring.


Download & Install on a Mac/PC

To get started, log in to Blackboard and navigate to any course that uses YuJa. Check the course menu (on the left side of the page) for a link titled YuJa Recordings, or similar*. Click the link, and the UND YuJa site will open within Blackboard and log you in automatically.

Select 'YuJa' from the Blackboard Course Menu. Alternatively, select 'Tools', then 'UND YuJa'.

*If you don’t see a YuJa link, click Tools (also in the course menu) then UND YuJa (near the bottom-right of the Tools page) -or- or log in directly at using your NDUS.Identifier username and password - the same login you use for Blackboard and your UND email account.*

At the top of the YuJa homepage, click CREATE RECORDING, and a pop-up will prompt you to download and install the recording software (available for Mac and PC). After it’s installed, clicking START within the same pop-up will automatically open the desktop application.

Click 'Create Recording' at the top of the page, then click 'Download' to install YuJa Software Capture. Once you have installed this program, you may click 'Start' in the same pop-up to begin your recording session.

When you open YuJa Software Capture, it will prompt you to log in. From the first drop-down menu, select Single Sign-On . From the second, select University of North Dakota: UND . Then click SIGN IN to be redirected to UND’s YuJa log-in page.

Sign in using: single sign-on at University of North Dakota UND, using your NDUS.Identifier username (first.last) and password (same as your email).

Enter your NDUS.Identifier username and password and click Sign in . This completes the installation – you may close the window and return to your Backboard class site. YuJa will continue to run, and can be accessed by clicking the YuJa Logo icon in your dock/taskbar.


Download & Install on a Mobile Device

The YuJa mobile app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. Just search "YuJa" in the App Store or the Google Play store. Please visit the YuJa Help site for more information.


Known Issue: YuJa has found that, in rare instances, the new YuJa App Express Installer may suddenly stop working as users download the YuJa app. The YuJa product team is working to improve this behavior. If you encounter this problem, please download the full installer from your YuJa My Profile/Downloads page, instead.

Click 'Full installer' on the YuJa My Profile/Downloads page to initiate the download.


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