Sync Starfish calendar and Outlook

More information about Starfish can be found on the Starfish for Faculty, Staff & Advisors page.

Step 1 - Outlook Settings

In order for your Outlook calendar to sync with your Starfish calendar, the UND Starfish account must have access to your Outlook calendar and mailbox.  Submit a ticket to University IT and in this ticket, give permission to allow Starfish and Outlook to read each other. You can still use the Starfish calendar without this access; however, without it, your Starfish and Outlook calendars won’t sync with each other.

Outlook Signature 

If using Starfish for students to schedule an appointment, you can include the following statement in your signature line in Outlook:

"To schedule an appointment with me, please login to Starfish @:"

Step 2 - Starfish Office Hours

Set up your office hours in Starfish. Instructions can be found in the Instruction Manual at the bottom of this page.

Step 3 - Starfish Settings

  1. Click on your name in the Top Navigation bar and select the  Email Notifications  tab.
  2. Uncheck the ‘Change to my Office Hours/Group Sessions’ box. You can leave this box check if you would like your entire office hour blocks to show up in Outlook.
  3. Check ‘Read busy times from my external Exchange calendar’ box. If you receive an error message, this means that your Outlook account has not yet been tagged (Step 1). Once it is tagged, check this box again.
  4. Click the Submit button to change your changes.

Step 4 - Calendar Managers

  1. To add student assistants as calendar managers for your Starfish calendar, please submit a request form.
  2. Too add staff as calendar managers, they must first have a role in Starfish. Please reference the Access to/Removal to Starfish tab below. Once the individual has a role in Starfish, instructions for adding a calendar manager can be found in the Instruction Manual at the bottom of this page.

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