Create and comment on Journal entries

Create journal entries

You and your students can create journal entries. You're the only one who can comment on students' private entries. You and group members can comment on group entries. On the Journals listing page, information is provided about each journal. Students can see if their entries are private—between the student and you—or public.

  1. On the Journals listing page, select a journal title.
  2. On the journal's topic page, select Create Journal Entry.
  3. Type a title and entry.

Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer. You can also attach a file from the repository: Course Files or the Content Collection.


Drag files from your computer to the "hot spot" in the Attach Files area. If your browser allows, you can also drag a folder of files. The files will upload individually. If the browser doesn't allow you to submit your assignment after you upload a folder, select Do not attach in the folder's row to remove it. You can drag the files individually and submit again.

Create Journal entry

You won’t be able to drag files to upload if your institution uses an older version of Blackboard Learn.

You can use the file name or provide another name for the file.

  • Select Post Entry to submit the journal entry or select Save Entry as Draft to add the entry later.

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