Duo MFA for Blackboard


North Dakota University System (NDUS) will implement multi-factor authentication (MFA/Duo) on Blackboard for faculty and staff on Tuesday, March 5. MFA for students will be implemented on Monday, May 13.

MFA adds an extra layer of security to protect your online accounts against cyber criminals and helps protect all UND students, staff, and faculty from unauthorized intrusions and data breaches. The Duo + Blackboard integration will work the same as when you authenticate to other software you work with, such as Office 365, Campus Solutions, HRMS, Finance, Jaggaer, etc.

NDUS and UND are working towards minimizing the impact on the community as much as possible while keeping it cyber-safe. In preparation for Duo implementation on Blackboard, we ask that Faculty/Staff do the following before March 5, 2024, and Students before May 13, 2024.

The knowledge base article on Duo Two-Factor Authentication will provide information to help you install the Duo app, FAQs, troubleshoot issues, etc.

Here are some answers to questions you may have about this rollout.

  • How can I be best prepared for DUO MFA in the classrooms?
  • What if there is no cell service in the classroom?
  • Is a smartphone required in the classroom?
  • Do I have to MFA every time I log in to Blackboard?
  • Why implement Duo in Blackboard during the semester for faculty/staff?
    • Staggering the implementation of Duo for faculty/staff and students will allow NDUS and UND to provide better support by concentrating on a specific user group, ensuring a smoother transition, and providing faculty/staff time to familiarize themselves with MFA in Blackboard before the students are onboarded.


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Report an issue with Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO MFA), request help setting up the DUO app on your smartphone, changing the authentication phone number or other authentication methods or get assistance with hardware authentication tokens.