How to obtain and use a hardware token for Two Factor (DUO) Authentication

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What is an authentication token device?


A hardware token is a small key fob-like device with an internal passcode generator that can be associated with a two-factor (DUO) account. With the press of a button, it will generate and display a single-use passcode to complete the second step of a login.

A token device that works with the University of North Dakota’s DUO two-factor authentication is shown above. The red power button on the token above generates a passcode valid for 30 seconds. The tokens are uniquely associated to your UND credentials.

Hardware tokens contain a small battery with a life expectancy of around 2 years. It is small enough to attach to a key chain.

Who is eligible for an authentication token?


Faculty, staff, and students who cannot utilize other supported devices for Two-Step Login are eligible and may request a hardware authentication token. Request a Hardware Authentication Token

What are UIT’s preferred methods for Two Factor (DUO) Authentication?


Methods listed below in order of importance:

  1. DUO app on a tablet or smartphone
  2. A mobile phone or landline telephone
  3. Hardware token
  4. List of Duo Mobile passcodes

Most individuals on campus already utilize methods 1 or 2 listed above to complete their two-factor (DUO) authentication.

What are situations in which a hardware token would be needed?


  • You work in or go to class in a restricted area where a computer login is required, but mobile phones are not allowed, and landline phones are unavailable.
  • You work in or go to class in an area with no cell or Wi-Fi reception, or no landline phone.
  • You do not own a mobile phone, cell phone, tablet, or landline phone number.

Other situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply to receive a hardware authentication token?


The preferred method to request a token is to submit a ticket. The link provided next to “Open a ticket” will direct you to the form required to request a token.

Please include your Name, Employee ID number, phone number, and email. Also, please provide an explanation as to why the token is needed.

A hardware token device will be assigned to your UND & DUO Security account if approved. UIT still recommends using the officially supported devices listed above and not relying on the hardware token as your only method.

I’ve been approved for a token. How do I pick it up?


When the hardware authentication token has been set up, you will be contacted via the ticketing system to pick up your device from one of the lockers at the UIT front desk or from one of the front desk staff.

UIT is located at: Chester Fritz Library

3051 University Ave #131 Grand Forks, ND 58202

How much does a hardware authentication token cost?


If approved, UND will provide the first token free of charge. If the token is lost or broken, your department will be charged $14 for a replacement token.

I already own a hardware token. Can I use the one I already own?


We will need more information. Please contact the UIT Help Desk at any of the methods mentioned in this article and provide details such as the make/model, and how you currently use the device. UIT will review its viability and will let you know if it is compatible with DUO Security.

I’ve lost or had my hardware authentication token stolen. What should I do? Is my account compromised?


Please contact UIT immediately to have the token deactivated and removed from your account.

There is a low probability that your account will be compromised by losing a token, but any losses or theft should be reported in a timely fashion to avoid any further issues.

I am planning on leaving UND or one of my employees has left UND and they have left their hardware authentication token behind. What should I do with it?


Please return the token to UIT by dropping it off with UIT front desk staff. If you are returning it on someone else’s behalf, please let the front desk know who it belonged to.

I have additional questions about a UND-issued hardware authentication token that wasn’t listed above. Who can I reach out to?


Please contact UIT at one of the methods listed below:


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Eligible Staff, Faculty and students who cannot utilize one or more of the preferred Multi-Factor authentication (DUO) methods can request a hardware token for use as an additional authentication method for DUO.