IT Security Tips When Traveling

University of North Dakota (UND) community travelers should limit the amount of sensitive information stored on or accessible to any device being used and taken on a trip. Travelers should avoid contact with the University of North Dakota network in general, specifically when traveling to high-risk countries (see U.S. State Department's Alerts and Warnings).

Before traveling out of the country, remember to contact UND's Export Control Manager (Michael Sadler; to ensure there are no additional requirements. UND's export control website contains additional information on regulations for traveling abroad.

Planning your Trip


Protect your data and device by leaving them behind. 

Leaving your data or device behind, if not needed, is the best protection. If you need a computer, request a checkout laptop from University Information Technology (UIT). Information on checkout devices and availability can be on the following Knowledge Base (KB) article for Checkout Equipment.


Make sure to back up your data.

UIT advises backing up your data if traveling with a checkout computer, your assigned computer, tablet, or smartphone. UIT recommends backing up your data to OneDrive available to you in O365. More information on OneDrive can be found in the KB article OneDrive for Business.


Use encryption software. 

If your device is lost or stolen, disk encryption software can protect data that only you and authorized personnel can decode and read the encrypted data. Full disk encryption software, like Bitlocker with Microsoft Windows and FileVault with Mac OS X operating systems, is easy to use and set up. All UND-issued computers have full disk encryption enabled before deployment.

Please note that foreign countries restrict the use of imported encryption software; ensure you are researching the software import laws of your destination country. If your destination restricts encryption software, please consider using a checkout laptop configured appropriately and leave your assigned device and data behind. Here is a list of countries with cryptography restrictions.


Use UND GlobalProtect VPN software. 

If you need to access campus resources and protect the connection from eavesdroppers, install and configure UND GlobalProtectVPN software and select the labeled Group UND_Full_Tunnel. Full tunnel VPN configuration will secure all internet traffic. To request access to UND_Full_Tunnel, please submit a ticket before traveling. Request VPN Access.


Reset password before leaving and after returning

Consider any credentials you used during your trip as compromised, so resetting them before and after your trip is the best way to protect your computer and data. Ensure you use a trusted computer to reset the passwords for any accounts used during the trip.


Download Spare Duo MFA passcodes

Accessing UND systems require Duo MFA authentication. You may not be able to call or have the system send you a push because of your location or signal it is a good idea to print and save extra passcodes for use in this situation. This KB article provides further information on Duo Multifactor and generating passcodes Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).


Configure personal devices according to campus minimum security standards. 

  1. Update your operating system and application software to the latest versions possible
  2. install and update anti-virus or anti-malware software
  3. choose strong passwords/passphrases
  4. for laptops, setup and use a personal account that does not have superuser (root, administrator) privileges

During your Trip

  1. Do not enter any credentials into public computers
  2. Connect to known Wi-Fi Networks
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed
  4. Use UND VPN software
  5. Use non-privileged or non-admin account
  6. Practice safe web browsing


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