Sync TEAMS files with the OneDrive sync app on my computer

One of the advantages of Teams is its ability to integrate with OneDrive to synchronize folders and files to your local computer, just like you can with OneDrive for Business. You must already be a member of a Team for this to work. 

Sync TEAMS files

The TEAMS window

  1. Open and Login to Microsoft TEAMS.

  2. In the left-navigation, select Teams, choose the team you want to sync.

  3. Now in the top-navigation, select Files and then Sync.

  4. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

  5. You should now see the synced folders and files in your Windows Explorer.

Screen shot of synced files


  • By default, when you turn on the sync client for Teams it will sync all the folders and files in that team to your computer.
  • You can treat this folder like any other folder on your computer.  Open and Save files to it and they will be available to other members of your Team.
  • These files are synced.  If you delete from your local folder, it will delete on the web version.  For everyone.  Deleted files can be found in the recycle bin located in the SharePoint view of your Channel files (see step 2).
  • You cannot adjust permissions for this sync.  Everyone who is a Team member has the ability to create and delete folders and files.  Just like they do in Teams.
  • Access to these files is determined by membership to the Team.  It is the Team owner’s responsibility to periodically review membership to determine if access to resources is still appropriate.
  • Large files saved to your local sync folder may take a few minutes to reach all team members syncing that folder.

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