Network and Wireless Services

UND's network provides secure access to the internet and administrative systems. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network while on campus or off campus. Wireless networks are available to UND faculty, staff, students, their sponsored guests, and members of the eduroam federation.

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UND Secure Wireless

UND now offers a more secure wireless experience by implementing the UND Secure wireless network. This secure wireless connection will include complete encryption between endpoints. The current UND wireless network relies on application encryption.

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Pinned Article Are You Having SafeConnect Issues?

Try logging out of SafeConnect and then logging back in. You will be prompted to reauthenticate.

Pinned Article How do I get short-term guest network access?

These are instructions to request short-term (7 day) guest network access for the UND Network.

Pinned Article How do I request an Extended Guest and Affiliate Access?

An affiliate account may be needed if an individual is not part of the University but needs access to resources for an extended amount of time (over 7 days).

Pinned Article What is SafeConnect Network Access Control?

SafeConnect is the University's network access control technology, which is used to provide wireless network services to UND.