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Steps to fix Duo MFA white screen on iOS devices.
In order to improve online security for remote users connecting to the VPN, we will be implementing Duo MFA for those who are logging in. There will now be a second password field which will be the DUO Passcode.
After enrolling Duo MFA and adding your devices, you may want to install the Duo Mobile app to make authentication easier.
Here are a few tips and tricks to make Duo MFA easier and more efficient for you to use.
Users can purchase an all-in-one security key through the Yubico website. In order to work with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), keys will need to be set up by a Duo admin and assigned to a user.
After enrolling in Duo MFA, you will need to add a device for your second form of authentication.
Step-by-step instructions to enroll in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
When accessing sensitive information within PeopleSoft HRMS (Employee Self Service) such as paychecks, tax, and direct deposit information, users will be prompted enter their NDUS.Identifier and password and then asked to Duo authenticate by one of several methods.
Do you need to work from home? Headed to a conference and need access to your work files? Self-quarantined for illness?