Handling remote work files for Record Management

Working remotely poses unique record management challenges. Here are steps and tips to bring these files back into UND systems safely and remove them from remote work environments.

Paper records

All paper records that have been printed at home should be transferred back to campus. These records should be filed in department filing systems as they were prior to the pandemic. 

Electronic Records

If electronic records were saved to local hard drives on laptops and desktops, they should be transferred to network storage (e.g. shared drives, Microsoft OneDrive). Records should not be saved to local devices. Locally stored files may not be retrievable if a computer experiences a crash. The transfer of files can begin immediately and going forward all electronic records should be stored on the network.

Thumb drives

Any electronic records maintained on removable media (e.g. flash drives, external hard drives) should also be migrated to the network and deleted from those devices. 

Record Retention and Disposal

Please continue to follow the records retention schedule and dispose of records once they have met the required retention period.  Please work with your department records coordinator or contact Chris Carper, UND Records Manager, at christopher.carper@und.edu or (701) 777-6797 with any questions.  

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