Trouble accessing online library databases, articles, etc

I get an “Insufficient Permissions” error

What does it mean?

This error means that your UND account is no longer listed as currently enrolled at the University (for students) or currently employed by the University (for faculty and staff). This can result from several situations.

Enroll Anytime students often encounter this just after the University reaches the end of a regular term. The system tends to mistakenly drop them before the end of their enrollment period.

New emeritus faculty may encounter this if their department has not filed an Affiliate Form to grant them ongoing library access.

Admitted students gain access at their first official day of classes, and will receive this message before then.

Alumni do not retain library access. We welcome alumni to visit the library and use our resources on site, but our contracts do not allow us to offer remote access to them.

In addition, students who have just completed a Spring term and are enrolled for the following Fall term do not automatically retain access to the library over the summer.

How do I fix it?

Contact the Library Systems department at Once we have verified your current affiliation with the University, we can restore your access. Also, students who are enrolled for Fall may have library access over the summer on request.

I cannot log in

The proxy server uses your standard UND credentials. Your user name is typically firstname.lastname. Do not add or to your user name. You cannot log in with your EMPL ID.

Please ensure you typed your password correctly. If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password.

As a security measure, your account will be locked for two hours after five consecutive failed login attempts. In this event you can ask us to clear the block, or wait for it to expire normally after two hours.

I can log in but cannot get an article

First, ensure that you start your research from the Chester Fritz Library home page. The links and search boxes there should prompt you to log in with your UND credentials when necessary.

In some circumstances, using the UND VPN can interfere with the library's proxy server. If you are connected to the VPN, try disconnecting and then access the article again. You may need to log back in.

In rare instances, overly aggressive anti-virus software can interfere with the function of the library's proxy server. Try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software and then access the article again. (Remember to turn it back on afterwards!)

If it still does not work, you may have encountered a broken link. Please contact the library so we can assist you.

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