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How do I access library articles and databases from off-campus?

If you are an off-campus student and would like to access resources that the Chester Fritz Library has subscribed to, follow these steps!


Permalinks, also known as stable URLs or pURLs, are links to articles in databases. They do not change, so they can be used in web sites or emails.

Proxy Bookmarklet

When clicked, this bookmarklet attempts to use the library’s proxy server to view whatever page you are looking at. Not all will work, but it is a handy way of checking whether we have a subscription to a database you've found through a general Internet search.

What do I do when I've been locked out of EZproxy?

If you have attempted to log into our proxy service (usually when attempting to access articles, databases, or other online resources from the library) and failed five times, you will encounter an error and will be locked out of further attempts to log in.