UIT provides print management solutions including the campus wide student printing service uPrint. Students are credited $8.00 at the beginning of every semester for printing purposes.

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How do I add credit for uPrint?

Additional Print Credit is available for purchase in the uPrint System. Major Debit/Credit Cards are accepted as well as electronic checks.

How do I check my balance?

You can login to the uPrint system at https://webprint.und.edu. Your balance is displayed on Summary page. A list of recent transactions can be viewed on the Transactions History page.

I don't have my U Card with me. Can I still retrieve my print jobs?

Yes. The staff in the Memorial Union Computer Lab can assist you or you can contact UND Tech Support.

The Print Station Kiosk is ... (out of paper, out of order, etc.)

Please use one of the other available Kiosks.  Black and white print jobs will be available at any Black and White Print Release Station.  Color print jobs will be available at any Color Print Release Station.  Please submit a Help Request for UND Tech Support to fix the issue.

What happens to my unused uPrint credit?

Any credits left over at the end of the semester that are part of your print credit from UND or additional funds added by your college are zeroed out at the end of each semester.  At the beginning of the next semester, original credit amounts will be placed in your account.