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Use Teams on the desktop or web to delete files. Use SharePoint or OneDrive to recover them.
Steps to add/delete distribution list members in Outlook.
Audience: Instructors
How to identify and bulk download your videos and media currently housed on YuJa – archive on OneDrive or save locally for later use.
A guide to content management for YuJa users: uploading content, editing existing content, managing available storage space (downloading & deleting content), and storage quotas.
To edit or delete an announcement, select Edit or Delete in its menu. The delete action is final and irreversible.
Steps to delete a grade in the Grade Center.
Deleting a Column is a final action and cannot be undone.
The item itself must be deleted from the Content Area. The column then will be removed automatically from the Grade Center.
You can manage a variety of media content in the YuJa Platform. Management tools within Manage Media allow you to handle a variety of administrative tasks, including editing, sharing, deleting and publishing video content.