Spirion helps identify and remediate sensitive and restricted data on our computers. Information such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card information, student data, etc. must be protected from exposure. The first step is to find this data. People are often surprised to find that they have restricted information on their local pc. They either weren’t aware of it or weren’t aware they had so much of it.

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Run a Spirion data scan

Locate and click into the Spirion app on your computer. The icon can be found in your System Icon Tray. To begin a scan, click the green start button located in the upper left corner of the application window.

Spirion data scan results

Directions for how to manage Spirion results of sensitive data, including Ignoring, Shredding, and Redacting data.

Spirion installation and initial scan

Spirion software will be automatically installed on all UND-owned machines. This installation will not require any interaction from you. Once installed, an initial scan will begin automatically.