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How to print on campus with uPrint, prices, locations, troubleshooting issues.
Steps for logging into a uniFLOW copier.
This article walks through how to add the uniFLOW "My Queue" widget to your dashboard.
The lab is operated by students of UND Tech Support with oversight from full time staff. UND Tech Support staff can assist in printing models that are designed for educational use and control the printing process to maximize the use of the printers.
Instructions for using the uniFLOW online dashboard, where users can view their print activity, notifications, print queue, and other info about their uniFLOW account.
uniFLOW allows users to scan documents from compatible devices across campus and have them sent to their email inboxes, or OneDrive.
Ways to print on campus with UND's uniFLOW system.
Steps to print only specific pages in a PDF.
Use your iPhone or Android smartphone/tablet to scan printed documents or whiteboard notes.
To eliminate potential double entry of Grade Center data, you can perform offline grading and import grades into the Grade Center. You can also upload grades from external sources such as an Excel spreadsheet or a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You must format data specifically to upload correctly and to synchronize with existing Grade Center data.

You can also use Grades Journey to save and share grade information for individual courses and assignments if your institution uses this featu