Adding Brainfuse Link in Blackboard

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course
  2. Hover your mouse over the "+" icon under the course title
  3. Select "Tool Link" in the menu that appears.    

After clicking the Blackboard "+" Icon at the top left of the course menu, a drop-down appears and  the Tool Link option is selected.

  1. Select the "Type" field, then select "Brainfuse." 
      The drop down arrow next to the Type: option is selected and a menu appears.  Brainfuse Live Tutoring-UND is highlighted to select it.
  2. Provide a name for the link by typing "Brainfuse Live Tutoring."
  3. Check the "Available to Users" box. Then click "Submit."    

Add Tool Link text box is displayed with Brainfuse Live Tutoring entered for the Name of the tool and the Available to Users open selected.

  1. Navigate down the sidebar and you'll see your new "Brainfuse Live Tutoring" link. Both you and your students will be able to access the service from there.

Blackboard course navigation menu with Brainfuse Live Tutoring menu item added and selected


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