Types of Phishing attacks

What is Spear Phishing

A method that targets a specific group or individual using social media, email, and instant messages to gain confidential information, compromise networks, or cause data or financial loss.

What is Whaling

This type tends to be targeted and uses employees willing to follow instructions by impersonating a supervisor or higher leadership position. The typical usage is receiving an email stating that the supervisor is busy and needs the employee to do them a favor. Attackers count on that the fear of questioning authority.

What is Smishing

This involves smart or mobile phones and receiving text messages. An example of a smishing attack is a text message that looks like it came from your banking institution. It informs you that your account has been compromised and that you must respond. Attackers are looking for you to verify your bank account number, SSN, etc. Once they have that information, they now control of your bank account.

What is Vishing

This involves smart or mobile phones and receiving phone calls. They call from an unknown number and claim to be from the University, a vendor, or another reputable company. Examples are they need you to accept a prompt in an app to verify your account or need to install software because something malicious was detected.


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