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Import final grades into Campus Connection from any Blackboard course accurately, quickly, and easily with Grades Integration. Just click 'import grades', and the final grades from a specialized column in your Blackboard course's gradebook are automatically sent to Campus Connection, where you may review and approve them.
This article explains the different types of feedback available in Blackboard and provides a walk-through of how students can access them.
Steps to give feedback on graded items.
In the Full Grade Center, click the chevron next to the student’s grade and select View Grade Details and then click View Attempt.  Then when the exam opens there will be a link called Test Information, just below the student"s name, click on this.
Missing Grade Center scroll bars are a symptom of the default font size on your computer being set too high. The following instructions show you how to display Grade Center scroll bars when Windows is set to display extra large fonts.
If you receive an error when attempting to view a grade attempt in Grade Center, check to see that a Category has been assigned to that grade column in GradeCenter.
Grading a column that you created manually in Blackboard will give you an Access Denied error (red bar) if the category for that column is set to the default "No Category." The error can occur upon viewing an attempt in the Grade Center as well. Change the category to another type, such as assignment, homework, etc. You will then be able to enter a score in the student cell.
How to hide a Grade Center column from students.
Steps to hide rows and/or columns in the Grade Center.
Steps to organize columns in Grade Center.
Current View: Includes the Full Grade Center view, smart views, and grading periods. You can select one of the views to use as the default view with the Set Current View as Default icon.
Steps to toggle show/hide columns in the Grade Center.
A new process for entering text grades such as S or I will save steps and also make subsequent student attempts (the green exclamation mark) visible in the Grade Center if the instructor allows the setting of multiple attempts.
Steps to switch between Grade Center categories.
Steps to switch Grade Center statuses.