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After enrolling in Duo MFA, you will need to add a device for your second form of authentication.
Very basic steps to create a new knowledge article in the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base.
How to transfer your data to a new or rebuilt UND-owned computer.
Steps to create a new OneNote notebook, open a different notebook, and switch between multiple notebooks,
You can automatically assign all questions in a test the same default point value. To be effective, you must set the default point value before you create questions. If you change the default point value, only new questions will have the new value. Questions you created before the modification have the old point value.

You can't specify a default point value for questions in pools and surveys.
A Quick-Start Guide Instructors - covering how to set up Microsoft OneNote's integration with your Blackboard course site. Students (and instructors) can collaborate and submit written assignments using this virtual shared notebook. Adjust the settings to provide a private, independent workspace, if desired.