Perceptive Experience

What is Perceptive Experience?

Perceptive Experience is a web-based version of Perceptive Content with limited functionality. Users can search and view documents or process and route documents out of workflow. Perceptive Experience DOES NOT need to be installed on a computer; it can be accessed via any browser, including Safari for Apple computers, and is an excellent option to view documents when users are away from their computer or for those who do not have the full client installed on their machines. Perceptive Experience does not allow for scanning or printing documents into the system. Additionally, using Perceptive Experience off campus does require VPN access.

How do I access Perceptive Experience?

The URL for Perceptive Experience is This link is also included in the attached Perceptive Experience Access and Navigation Manual.

Is Perceptive Experience mobile-friendly?

Yes! Perceptive Experience is viewable from a mobile device, however, VPN access is required if not connected to the campus network. If you are on campus, just enter the URL into your mobile browser (bookmark it, if you’d like), and log in! There is also a mobile app that can be downloaded via Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Basic instructions are included in the attached documentation.

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