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DocuSign is a secure, paperless alternative for official document signatures. Digital document signatures help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper required, plus it is faster than snail mail and eliminates the hassle of finding a fax machine. DocuSign makes keeping copies as easy as saving on your computer, and it can be used on any device.

Info! All UND student, faculty, and staff have DocuSign account by default and accounts do not need to be created.
Warning! You MUST sign in with your email and click on the Use Company Login button.

Log into Docusign

  1. Go to the DocuSign login page.
  2. Use your UND email ( and password, then click Continue.


  1. Click on the Use Company Login button.

Use company login

  1. You will be taken to the NDUS login page, where you enter your NDUS username and password (only first.last, not your email address).

NDUS credentials

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