Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology is used to describe devices and services that lessen or remove barriers faced by persons with disabilities. Many types of assistive technology are available on computers to assist in reading information, keyboarding, etc.

Each semester students should work with Disability Services for Students (DSS) to identify specific accommodations based on current academic courses and update a DSS verification document and contact professors to finalize arrangements for those accommodations.

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Accessibility options included with your computer

Your computer includes some accessibility features to help you use your device. You can find some of those here.

Creating Accessible Content

It is important to keep in mind that accessibility is not a feature to be added after the design of your content. It is a set of principles to be considered throughout the design process.


Read&Write is an easy-to-use, intuitive toolbar add-on for PCs and Macs that supports students with reading, writing, studying, and research. Read&Write seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications, PDFs, e-mail, the Internet, and other software.

Read&Write is available at no cost to all UND students, faculty, and staff.