Authenticate to Duo Without Wi-Fi or Cell Service

With Duo Mobile, users that don't have a phone Wi-Fi connection or cell service can still authenticate a duo prompt. Once the app is installed and registered to your account, it can generate one-time-use passcodes without any internet connection at all!

Example Scenario:
You're in a class where only your laptop gets Wi-Fi. You need to log in to Blackboard on your laptop, but you can't authenticate with Duo because your phone won't connect to Wi-Fi and it's not getting good enough cell reception to receive a Duo push notification or call.

Open the Duo Mobile app on your phone, select the "North Dakota University System" account from the list, and use the six-digit passcode displayed to authenticate the Duo prompt on your laptop.

If you don't already have Duo Mobile set up on your phone, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to and sign in with your credentials
  2. Select the "Add a device" box
  3. Select "Phone number" from the list
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions where you'll add a number, verify it via text message, then see a QR code on your computer screen
  5. From the Duo Mobile app, start initial setup or add a new account and select "Use QR code" to use your phone's camera to capture the code on your computer screen
  6. Finish setup in Duo Mobile and you should see an account titled "North Dakota University System"
  7. Tap that title and a six-digit one-time-use passcode will appear that can be entered at the Duo prompt on your computer or mobile browser.
  8. Test the passcode functionality by putting your phone in airplane mode, refresh the code, and use it to authenticate from another device.


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